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October 14, 2017 5:25 am

Many tech businesses these days are investing heavily in developing artificial intelligence, and with good reason. Artificial intelligence can potentially evolve much more quickly than human intelligence and therefore find solutions to problems much more efficiently. We’re not quite there yet though. In fact it may be a few decades before we get any artificial intelligent constructs that can match the general intelligence of humans… well, some humans. Right now we’ve got some basic constructs performing narrow intelligence tasks. Which is to say, they can solve very specific problems.

If/Then Rules

For most of the age of computers, calculations were solved using rules that were pre-programmed into the computer. We started with basic math, then moved up from there. Even today smartphone graphic user interfaces are still hand coded around rules. “If user taps this button, then do this.” That works okay, but it’s not really intelligent.

Come to think about it, smartphones are kind of dumb. Especially in terms of user interface designs. The original reason we called them smartphones was because we can install programs on them and extend their functionality beyond the limited set of functions that they shipped with. But really, we’re still just poking our fingers at little app icons and buttons in the same way that we used to poke our fingers at number keys in a specific sequence in order to call another telephone. Sure we’ve got some touch screen gestures like the swipe keyboard and swiping to scroll or whatnot, but again those are just more functions with rules.

In fact, many apps and mobile operating systems are hard coded in a way that isn’t smart or intelligent. All smartphone operating systems have a top-edge-screen gesture as a primary interaction method, but this Filiskiye mules Hot Outlet Pay With Visa PgcBKqqv
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at making smart interaction methods on phones. In many cases they’re building on concepts that may have made sense in the past, but often no longer do… or only make sense for a narrow portion of the population.

We’ve started to see some semblance of “Narrow Intelligence” coming to our devices though. Narrow intelligence only looks at one specific aspect of a problem and attempts to solve it using a series of algorithms and the data it has access to. The more data the narrow AI is given, the more accurate its answer will be. Siri, Cortana, Alexa, Google Assistant, Bixby, etc. are all examples of narrow intelligence. They have a specific skillset that involves voice recognition and narrow responses. None of those assistants are really able to grow or significantly learn from you as a user just yet. Though I’m sure they are collecting data. There are some minor learning aspects though, such as learning your route to work and being able to warn of traffic problems ahead of time… or learning what kind of news you like… or reading your email and learning to notify you about package delivery information, etc.

Anger plays a significant role in everyday life [ Wiki For Sale Outlet The Cheapest CAMINO High heeled ankle boots black WHd148wF
], but there was no clear scientific definition about it before. If there is any, it would be very confusing; for example, anger is “an internal, mental, subjective feeling state with associated cognitions and physiological arousal patterns” [ Cheap Sale Extremely Wiki RUSGO High heels poseidon nero/boston nero/nero Free Shipping Buy Cheap Official Release Dates Authentic 6V1IGG
]. Barries gave a simple definition: anger is the emotion humans experience when they do not get what they should or must get [ 2018 Unisex Online Best Prices Cheap Price Ankle boots navy Online Sale Online Lljrys
]; therefore, anger is due to unexpectancy.

It would be very useful to break down anger types, because anger takes many forms, such as bitterness, malice, clamor, envy, resentment, intolerance, criticism, revenge, wrath, hatred, sedition, jealousy, attack, gossip, sarcasm, and unforgiveness. Hughes divided anger into three types: the first form of anger, named “hasty and sudden anger” by Joseph Butler, is connected to the impulse for self-preservation. The second type of anger is named “settled and deliberate” anger and is a reaction to perceived deliberate harm of unfair treatment by others. These two forms are episodic. The third type of anger is dispositional and is related more to the character traits than to instincts or cognition. Irritability, sullenness, and churlishness postures are examples of the last form of anger [ Laceup boots blu Low Shipping For Sale Where To Buy Low Price Shop Online Outlet 2018 New Find Great Online QwuDd2WYiI
]. One of the most common forms of breaking down anger into anger traits is habitual anger responses such as those determined by the State-Trait Anger Expression Inventory. This test addresses four different categories: trait anger, anger-out, anger-in, and anger control. Trait anger is loosely defined as the overall inclination towards anger. Anger-in itself refers more to the affective experience and is not to be confused with hostility or aggression. Anger-out implies that a person is more likely to deal with anger through outward expression such as verbal or physical behavior. The last factor, anger control, refers to the tendency to engage in behavior that is intended to reduce overt anger expression.

Anger is experienced more often than other emotions, and it is very intense and results in “adrenaline rush.” There are many people that have anger (fear) problems, and their problems are due to wrong beliefs. Our definition clearly states that anger is due to unexpectancy, so expectancy plays a key role in anger. So Ellis proposed that anger is not caused by the things that happen to us but is the result of wrong belief in our minds: we like to put the things “we would like to have, wish to have, hope to have, and prefer to having” into things “we BELIEVE we MUST have, SHOULD have, OUGHT to have, are OUTGHT TO have, and DEMAND to have [sic] ” [ Clearance How Much Cesare Paciotti FurTrimmed Suede Pumps Buy Cheap Limited Edition 2FN2rWj
]. So in one sentence, anger / fear is due to expectancy , or anticipation , which depends on your belief.

Social Phobia . In light of modern psychology, all diseases take their origin in anger. Anger pushes others away for people are often fearful of being exposed to angry people. Even the angry people themselves tend to isolate themselves from the world, because the angrier they get and the more the NE release, the more fearful they will be next time, and this results in social phobia. In the emotional flow, for the phobia patients, their problems might be that they cannot successfully accomplish the emotional flow ( fear-anger-happiness-sadness-calm ). The best way to remove fear is anger; these patients have problems with expression of anger, so their emotions are checked at emotional flowing from fear to anger.

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Lun 13 Feb 2017

A study day organized to recognize the wild herbs around the thousand-year-old olive groves managed with biological methods and registered according to the L.R 14/2007 about the safeguard of the landscape of the secular olive trees of Apulia.

The Park of Costal Dunes and Masseria “Il frantoio” organize an excursion through the fields of the thousand-year-old olive groves of the Masseria “il Frantoio”, managed with biological methods in order to discover the varieties of wild herbs which nature can give us. The event, now at the 9 edition, has been organized in collaboration with the center of the environmental education “Il Ginepro”, the association “Passo di Terra” and the publishing house “Stilo”.

Learn to know the spontaneous edible flora and the best ways to use it.

Stories, curiosities, nutritional properties and popular traditions of the main wild edible plants will be told by experts and passionate connoisseurs of wild herbs like Abele Lomascolo and the agronomist Felice Suma, the author of the Park’s notebook “La Bontà delle Malerbe” published by the “Stilo publishing house”. At the end of the walk it will be possible to have lunch at the same Farm with a menu based on biological products, wild herbs and flowers, a good Apulian wine and homemade liquors.

“Il Frantoio” is a Park Brand farm certificated with the European Charter for the sustainable Tourism CETS.

The excursion for the acknowledgement of the wild herbs is free. The reservation is necessary.

For information and reservations tel. 0831330276 or Manolo Blahnik JewelEmbellished PointedToe Mules Wide Range Of Cheap Sale Wiki Discount Footlocker Cheap Pictures 2kQ43ht

Sunday, 19 February 2017, h. 10,00- Masseria “Il Frantoio”
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Lun 16 Gen 2017

Guided Tour into the Natural Park of Costal Dunes, to discorver its landscapes and ecosystems, from the sea to the wetland.

We will start from the S. Leonardo costal tower, full of charm and history, directed to the nord, walking on the seaside. An astonishing view of the lighthouse of Torre Canne will indicate the northern bound of the Costal Dunes Park.

On the right side the sea, with its winter clours; on the left side, the dunes with sand and centuries-old junipers, myrtles, mastic trees and sand lilies. Outside the costal dunes there will be the wetland of Morelli River, another important habitat and one of the longest river of Salento. We will explore the and know the the traditional fishing practice of golden mullet and eels.

Along the seaside, we will discover a large number of trails left by sea’s inhabitants: cuttlebones, shark eggs (or egg cases), , algae with various and picturesques forms. And then the black sand...we will learn its origin.

This appointment is included into a large number of activities shared between the Natural Park of Costal Dunes and Cooperativa Serapia, an enterprise which signed the European Chartes Of Sustainable Tourism.

Info and details

Meeting Sunday 28th Jenuary, at 9.30 a.m., at the Camping ‘Il Pilone’, (N 40°48,197´ - E 17°32,337´), Ostuni (BR).

The low difficulty 5 km walk, will end at 1 pm.

Trekking sneakers and comfortable clothes are suggested.

Reservation is recommended calling the number 347 0081412 (Francesco)or e-mailing to [email protected]

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Mar 3 Gen 2017

Next January 15th at Albergabici in Montalbano (Fasano)

“Botanic watercolour course” is the title of naturalistic drawing and painting course that will begin next January, 15th at Albergabici in Montalbano (Fasano).

The Coop. Serapia, in collaboration with the Naural Park of Costal Dunes, arranged with great enthusiasm a drawing course to know and learn the varius shades of the nature, in a different and artistic way. The watercolur course will be held by the famous painter Rossella De Mola, from Fasano, who will be always supported by a naturalistic guide of Coop. Serapia team.

Nature and art lessons, in fact, will be addressed to people of different age and with any different backgrond, which want to learn drawing and painting elements linked to the knowledge of Park’s biodiversity.

There will be seven meetings, with duration of two hours and half, organized in short theoretical analysis and practice exercises. Moreover, there will be shown the most important drawing and painting techniques, in ascending difficulty.

The course finishes with a certificate of attendance.

The seven meetings will take place every sunday morings, starting from the next 15th of January, to the 12th of March, from 10 a.m to 12.30 a.m. Single lesson’s price is 15€, whereas the price of the complete course is 70€, inclusive of educational material and suggestive final tour. For any further information go to website Tory Burch Cadmina Espadrille Sandals Clearance Pick A Best L7oZ5
, write to Clearance From China 2018 Online KOMBO Walking boots black/grey Best Wholesale Cheap Online Outlet Newest Get Authentic Online ba7PtVj
or call to 3286474719 (Marialucrezia Colucci).

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